Chain of Isekai Supplement

This is a supplement to the Chain of Isekai CYOA.
Locations, Hotspots, Treasures, and Characters described within exist ‘somewhere’ within the World.
Depends on what you need or want as writer.

[Mutation Guidelines]


Enchanted Forest
An expanse of towering trees that encompasses an area significantly larger than the british isles.
The entirety of this domain is a single contiguous Zone several Ranks above the local standard, allowing the trees to stretch higher, the beasts to grow larger, and the people to reach great heights of skill and grace.
The success of this society was won by conquest, as they drove out the last rulers of the forest, and by careful planning, as they gradually layered greater mutations atop the template of their race, binding their thoughts and souls into strict patterns so that they might grow tall and strong, that they might endure the passing of great ages without suffering from decay or disunity.
More and more they stand apart from their neighbours, each generation more alien than the last- it has been quite some time since any of their number was capable of speaking a lie.
Their great plan now approaches its final stages, as the Last King they sought to create approaches the final decades of his training.

Ashen Desert
A vast, slowly-expanding desert of black ash and gray fog.
Every grain of sand is a thing of Unbeing, as is every curl of mist.
Individually, grains of ashen sand are weak, unable to kill or corrupt even large bugs, but they continuously leach light and heat from the world, and the fog is lifeless and unbreathable.
The desert is bordered on all sides by grand waterfalls and cliffs hundreds of meters tall, the product of its slow descent into the depths of the World as black sand eats itself into nothing and corrupts new earth below.
Within the heart of the desert is a small encampment containing a few thousand survivors of the disaster that created it.
Every day is a fight for survival, straining the heavenly artifice that protects them from choking, freezing doom to its limits.
Only the thought that they might be some of the last humans left, the vision of black sands choking a city in the space of an hour, keeps them going.

Land of the Young
A nation reforged after suffering great calamity.
Deep mining efforts released swarms of Primordial Beings, which fed on glass and crystal and multiplied more quickly than they could be killed and contained.
Soon, every inhabitant suffered from a mutation that condensed their life cycles into less than two decades.
Establishing the necessary systems and protocols to keep the nation alive was a frantic struggle, and much of their culture vanished from the World.
Now, the immature living inhabitants of the nation are closely managed by several heavily-populated afterlives, the power of Pacts used mostly to enhance communications, imprint skill more quickly, and preserve vital infrastructure.
The dead who rule over the nation, joined over time by those they so taught and controlled, have grown less and less concerned with the conditions experienced by the still living, for their time in the World is only a tiny fraction of their existence.
What their armies lack in strength and skill, they make up in easily replaceable numbers and simple but over-empowered heavenly artifice.

Inner Void
Were the World’s gravity to act is it did in other realities, its infinite mass would have long since been crunched down into tiny points.
Were the World’s atmosphere to flow and equalize on its own, a constant wind would blow from all Zones of higher Rank, their thick, vital air dispersing wildly.
This is a place far below the surface of the World, beyond the light of the Infinite Sun.
Vast and cold, it is devoid of air and gravity alike, save that which keeps its scattered Upwellings from floating out of place.
Though its resources are scarce, they are powerful, suitable for the construction and maintenance of vessels that can safely navigate its emptiness.
With no natural sources of food, the populace turned to False Wizardry to meet their basic needs and even to produce bulk materials, and has since forgotten the art of self-empowerment through Worldblood.

Scattered Empire
There exists a great Primordial Being, which does not exist fully within the World, but latches on with bizarre jaws.
In dozens of places, spires of crystalline teeth and stone flesh a dozen meters tall are locked around a forgotten Upwelling.
Lesser beings of apparently similar kind, natives to this being’s vast inner world, frequently gnaw through the skin of the world to emerge around these anchorpoints.
Explorers have found that distances in this grand creature and the World do not correlate exactly- near a jaw, ten paces in its body will take you ten paces in the World, but farther, a single pace can take you multiple kilometers.
Only the fact that opening and maintaining portals grows more difficult the farther you stray from an anchoring jaw prevented a new age of terrible conquest.
An empire has solidified around and within this beast, dozens of shining cities risen up around dozens of maws, and though most territories are seperated by unfathomable distances, travel and trade has nevertheless become swift and safe.

Realm of Broken Gods
A number of nations formed who made significant use of Stellar Pacts.
They conversed with their dead regularly, as if they were simply members of the community, and a sizeable portion of the population trained in the art of communing with foreign afterlives.
Here, people cared about the dead, and kept them in their hearts, and knew them more clearly than the subtle lies of history might otherwise allow.
What they did not know was the power of Divine Transcendence, until gods began to form, patterned off some of the most well-renowned dead.
The people clearly saw that the gods were not the people they knew, but the gods were unable to understand.
They saw that their stories were told, that they were believed widely, and yet that very few believed in them as gods.
The gods could not see the originals in the Heavens as anything but impostors, and yet could never touch them, and so they lashed out at the arts of Stellar Pacts.
Over time, as subtler attempts failed and the people came to saw the gods as darker, crueler things, their methods have grown fierce.
Most nations are now strong allies, battling a constant war with the monsters created by gods who are fundamentally incapable of understanding why their family, their descendants, hates them and calls them impostors.


Origin Library
One of countless such structures, built before humanity was seeded throughout the World.
This library’s seal is as yet unbroken, its meters-thick walls are whole; none have entered since it was created.
Contains exactly seven million large scrolls, identical in size and external form, each composed of woven metallic fibers and reinforced to endure for long ages.
Every scroll contains a unique spell of False Wizardry, imprinted in text just small enough to fit on the scrolls surface.
Though there are no threats within, such a place is a treasure of incredible value.

Sky Citadel
There was once a waterfall, its waters rich in Worldblood and the source of an important river.
This waterfall had no clear source; there was no river feeding it, no mountains or cliffs for miles around- water simply fell from the sky.
As artifice improved, explorers sought the water’s source, and eventually, having achieved flight, found it to be an Upwelling sitting high in the sky.
A generation later, the king thought to make use of this resource, and ordered the construction of a watchpost at this Upwelling, avoiding attack and seeing farther by virtue of its location several kilometers from the surface.
An engine of Worldblood artifice was built to use the power in the water to keep a great mass of wood and stone from falling, and the idea worked well.
Over time, the watchpost was expanded, into a fortress, a castle, a grand citadel, draining more of the water’s power to stay afloat.
Eventually, the combination of outside threats and diminished agricultural output from the weakened water led to the nation’s collapse, and the inhabitants of the citadel fled or starved.
For those who have some means of flight, and who can deal with the immobile guardian statues and their burning gazes, this forgotten structure is a potential home and base of operations.

Broken Broadcaster
A structure dozens of meters tall built of strange, pale materials, neither metal nor wood, a massive creation of heavenly artifice.
Clearly damaged, and not by accident; pieces have been carefully removed, others modified in precise ways, and shards of dark metal embedded in key points.
Was once used to allow anyone to communicate easily and clearly with an important afterlife, and to generate Astral Essence in great quantity.
Now, it bombards the afterlife with piercing, screaching, painful noise, tormenting the souls trapped within in a manner they cannot escape.
Leaking Astral Essence allows them to shape the environment around the broadcaster, but the structure itself has been carefully protected.
Maddened by centuries of suffering, the dead will lash out at any living being they detect, stone flowing like water to crush and rip and stab.

Demonic Cult
In the experiments of a cultivator of Divine Transcendence, they created an artificial demon of their own design.
Unlike most, the Legend that defined it was written with an innate drive to create more demons, different enough to be as different beings, but similar enough to feed on the same Faith.
In order to make more of its kind, the demon decided it needed as much Faith as possible, and immediately zeroed in on the nearest village.
For several weeks, it did its best to serve the community, to dig itself into the hearts of the inhabitants and make them think about it always.
Eventually, it decided that this was not fast enough, not productive enough.
As it was made to, it created a new demon with the Faith it had accumulated, very similar but bearing the power to touch and shape mortal minds.
Nobody expected this betrayal, and as each person it warped gave the monster new strength, soon nothing was left of the village but fanatics.
Glutted on Faith, it multiplied, creating several new demons with similar abilities before dissolving its physical form to conserve energy.
The fanatics dispersed throughout the local area, and now prepare to summon these fragments, waiting for the key moments where they can take an entire town.

Hungry Pit
A Primordial Being that exists slightly out of step with the World.
From the outside, it appears to be a simple hollow in the side of a mountain; internally, it is larger than many castles.
It is of the sort of Primordial Being that can spawn other Primordial Beings with impunity, populating its flesh-disguised-as-stone rooms and passages with them.
Amongst these creatures it spawns are those that resemble valuable things, living coins and living jewels and living ‘magical’ blades.
The life cycle of this particular Primordial Being mandates the consumption of humans specifically, and it is built to draw them in.
In its deepest chamber is a spindly structure of what seems to be fine crystal.
This is the creature’s sticky tongue, which pulls whoever would try to touch or break it into the gnashing teeth below.
With each living human fed to these teeth, it grows an extra room and becomes capable of spawning slightly better Primordial Beings.

Vampiric Ranch
A small domain, consisting of a single town and a smattering of villages, surrounded by thick wilderness.
The lord of this domain is traditionally a practitioner of Unbeing, who postpones their decay and strengthens themselves by feeding on the blood and vitality of their subjects.
It is this vampire lord who keeps back beasts and monsters, the first and last line of defense.
As years pass, each vampire lord grows steadily stronger, steadily hungrier, and steadily madder.
The usurpation of the current lord by their successor is always a mixed occasion- more die to beasts, but fewer to the blood tithe.
You encounter this territory as the next lord prepares themselves to kill their now quite monstrous father.


Alchemical Weapon
A long, slim rifle built from high-Rank alloys.
Each bullet is a costly work made from high-Rank materials, built as heavenly artifice to ignore even heavy winds and refuse to bounce off anything it impacts.
The propellant is an Invention of Halfmad Mechanisms, mixed from high-Rank materials to achieve supersonic velocities.
Only the heavenly artifice of the gun’s internal mechanisms, nullifying most of the kinetic energy of firing, makes it reasonably useable.
Comes with exactly 38 cartridges.

Essence Injector
A small glass vial, filled with the mist of very dense Astral Essence and capped on one end by a flat silver disc.
Held flat against the forehead, Astral Essence will rapidly flow through the disc and into the body, becoming free for use.
There is no indication as to what afterlife this Astral Essence came from, but it is marked as sufficient for six hours of continuous use- or significantly more intermittent use.

Light Shard
A favorite of users of False Wizardry, a conjured crystal altered by a series of spells to absorb and release light very efficiently.
There is no mechanism to control such an object, as light simply flows out whenever it is in a dark environment, but a mirrored hood can slow the loss of charge greatly.
Holds enough charge to shine twice as bright as a good torch for eight hours, and charges as quickly as it can be given light.
A common trick is hitting it with any light-based beam spell, recharging the crystal almost instantly.

Potion of Sustenance
A tiny vial, containing perhaps two ounces of liquid.
When drunk, the spells bound within activate, filling the stomach with three to thirty kilograms of meat, cheese, and oil.
For high-Rank users of Worldblood, this is a quick and easy way to meet their nutritional requirements without using high-Rank foods; their powerful abdominal muscles will forcefully compress the conjured food, and their powerful acids will rapidly process it.
For most normal people, this will painfully rupture the stomach.

Pearl of Faith
A mass of Faith condensed and transformed to the point of attaining physical presence.
Carefully stripped of identity and purpose, much of its power has been lost.
Any cultivator of Divine Transcendence can easily, if not quickly, give this Faith definition and put it to use.

Iron Knife
A seemingly simple weapon, once wielded by a long dead demigod and permanently transformed by that fact.
Extremely durable, and highly resistant to all effects that would damage or alter it.
Strongly attuned to Stellar Pacts, empowering all abilities fueled by Starlight when they are channeled through its blade.

Elixir of Life
An attempt at returning the dead, a combination of an Invented serum and bound spells.
Poured on or injected into any corpse, will attempt to return the body to life.
Repairs damaged tissues, reactivates cells and organs, gives the brain a kickstart.
In many cases, will actually function, bringing the body back to life.
Will not return the soul if it has passed on, but the brain functions normally without one.

Eternal Servant
A clockwork automata built entirely from the remains of very particular kinds of Primordial Being.
Every part of its structure is capable of eventually regenerating from any damage short of exposure to frozen acid, which leaves unhealing wounds.
Capable of self-maintenance, and powered by a mechanism built around the preserved eyes of a being whose gaze repels pure water.
Incapable of learning, but draws its skill from finely-engraved spheres built into its upper torso; given sufficient study, spheres to convey any set of skills could be crafted.
Designed for use as a domestic servant, and is currently equipped with the skills needed for such a task.

Disguise Kit
Dozens of bottles of pills and elixirs made from the flesh of Primordial Beings.
Prepared safely, to ensure none can cause any manner of mutation.
Each item in the kit applies a different kind of permanent transformation to the human body when consumed, altering a specific trait in a specific way.
Given proper use, this can allow a person to take on almost any human form.
Many mutations will resist change by this method, or are difficult to mimic with these particular transformatives.

Lich’s Skull
All that remains of a practitioner of False Wizardry who needed more time for study.
Being reduced to a skull was wholly intended; it reduces the cost of preventing decay quite a bit, and they believe they can reverse it if they need to.
They remain intelligent and aware, and predict they have 365 years remaining before their supply of Velt grows insufficient to keep the decay of Unbeing at bay, at which point they will need to begin sacrificing skill and memory to decrease their metaphysical mass.
Willing to share their knowledge of magic, and use it on the behalf of others, in exchange for opportunities to study novel spells of False Wizardry.


A practitioner of False Wizardry, and, unbeknownst to him, a Halfmad.
Has learned dozens of spells to conjure and transform materials, and thoroughly studied the art of binding spells into physical objects for later release.
Fights mostly with weak spells, which he can prepare ahead of time in great quantity with only the supplies he can produce himself, then unleash rapidly through the use of a specialized tool, an unusual Invention.
The limitations of this tool render it unsuitable for most healing and augmentative effects, and so he has developed a combat style revolving around doing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible.

[Mutation Guidelines]

This is a tool to figure out what effects and tradeoffs a given mutation might have.
It is at best an approximation of how mutations actually work, but may be a useful approximation.

For the purposes of this, every mutation falls within a single broad classification.
It has drawbacks from the same class, scaling very approximately with the benefits it conveys.
Some mutations may appear to overlap multiple classifications, but are simply regarded as multiple mutations of different classes applied simultaneously.
A combined mutation with major Class Alpha benefits and minor Class Beta benefits should not have major Class Beta drawbacks.
Mutation compatibility is only a significant problem for mutations of the same class.

Most of the time, the benefits are better than the drawbacks.
There are people who stack many similar but conflicting mutations, getting a net positive in all areas.
In many cases, the worst consequences of a new mutation are unwanted cosmetic changes or a comparatively insignificant mutation paired with it.

These are not the only possible classes of mutation.
Additionally, the potential to transmit certain mutations by various means is not encompassed by these guidelines.

The simplest, most direct form of mutation.
Tends to cause changes in appearance in line with the attributes altered.
Can increase basic physical attributes, such as strength, agility, vitality, sensory ability (may grant new senses); can decrease hunger.
Can diminish other basic physical attributes, weaken or remove senses; can increase hunger.
Examples: Armored stone skin at cost of flexibility, superhuman grace at cost of physical frailty, super soldier body at cost of extreme metabolic requirements.

New mostly-physical abilities.
Tends to either alter the body part that wields the ability or add a new body part for the purpose of wielding the ability- firebreath alters the mouth, flight adds wings.
Grants a new ability, rooted in the user’s physical capability but in some way exceptional.
Removes some basic physical capability.
Examples: Tiny set of gills that perfectly oxygenates body when exposed to water at cost of inability to breath air, wings capable of helicopter-like flight at cost of ability to run and jump, fire breath at cost of human speech.

Alterations to lifespan and life cycle.
Tends towards minimal external changes, growing more severe as the afflicted ages.
Alters the penalties received from aging, the rate at which aging occurs, the conditions under which aging can occur, and various aspects of fertility.
Examples: Greatly accelerated aging that only occurs when hungry, greatly slowed aging in exchange for absolute infertility, aging that weakens the body but leaves the mind untouched.

Alterations to diet, metabolism, and feeding patterns.
Primarily changes mouth and digestive system.
Can allow safe consumption of new foods, enhance energy levels, extend safe duration without eating.
Can render certain kinds of food unsafe to eat, decrease energy levels, and mandate more frequent eating.
Examples: Ability to eat stone and metal in exchange for inability to eat meat, ability to go several months without eating in exchange for greater sleepiness and inability to eat plants.

Alterations to growth patterns.
No physical changes.
Alters the manner in which skills and attributes are improved, alters potential, alters rate at which skills and attributes degrade.
Examples: Level up by killing things to instantly improve stats and skills in exchange for inability to improve normally, learn skills half as quickly but never lose them, can train to superhuman levels but only if training to the point of severe injury.

Envelopment of other mutations into conditional states.
Physical changes vary over time.
Applies some number of other mutations under a specific set of circumstances, then removes them under other circumstances.
Examples: Turn into a monster each night and return to normal each dawn, sprout venomous spines when stressed, grow larger and hungrier the longer you fight.

Power over a thing in exchange for vulnerability to something oppositional, and vice versa.
Subtle changes, such as one vulnerable to sunlight gaining a pallor.
Can grant ability to wield a force or substance, grant a resistance to a force or substance.
Can cause vulnerability to a force or substance, make it impossible to wield a force or substance.
Examples: Ability to shape shadows to attack enemies, teleport short distances, turn invisible, and more in exchange for burning in sunlight; heavy resistance to flame, but all fires you make or try to command will burn in opposition to that task, even refusing to spread when you try to light something aflame.

Physical power in exchange for mental inability, and vice versa.
No physical changes.
Can grant external physical powers and internal mental powers.
Can render it impossible to think or act in certain ways.
Examples: Ability to channel radiant light to heal, burn enemies, empower weapons, and protect and empower allies in exchange for inability to lie or in any way act as a perfect paladin would not; enhanced mental speed in exchange for inability to use swords.

Fundamental rewrites of bodily structure.
Relatively minor external changes, massive and obvious internal changes.
Alters points of physical vulnerability, capacity to recover from injury, the amount of damage that is survivable, the degree to which damage is an impediment.
Examples: Total removal of weak points in exchange for inability to heal normally, ability to theoretically survive and recover from anything that leaves your one weak point intact in exchange for instant death if it is damage significantly.

Ties a physical trait to a mental state, and vice versa.
No physical changes while mental state remains normal.
Alters a physical trait to shift with mental state, or a mental trait to shift with physical state.
Examples: Physical solidity tied to will, causing immobility when overly focused and fog-like dispersion when unfocused; physical strength tied to fear; mental speed tied to physical health, accelerating with greater injury.

Multi-Class Mutation Examples:
Pluses indicate benefits, minuses indicate drawbacks. Number of characters indicates severity.
+Hunger may thus mean ‘benefits in area of hunger: reduced food requirements’

Dwarf Template
Alpha: +Strength, +Vitality, +Darkvision, +Hunger, -Size, -Agility
Gamma: +Lifespan, -Fertility
Epsilon: +Skill Potential, +Skill Persistance, -Skill Development Rate

Vampire Template
Alpha: +Strength, +Agility, +Vitality, +Darkvision, +Scent, —Hunger
Gamma: —Decay, Only decay while hungry
Delta: Unable to eat food, Able to consume blood, ++Stomach Capacity
Zeta: Enter more physically monstrous, mentally uncontrolled state while hungry
Eta: +Shadow magic, +Blood Magic, -Light Vulnerability, -Fire Vulnerability

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