WIP List

A Fanciful Flight
Status: Planning
Description: An overly-complicated starship builder set in the optimistic, steadily-rebuilding remnants of a horrific galactic war.

A Fraid
Status: Idea
Description: You have to face a very dangerous scenario. No powers or items, you pick the drawbacks you don’t have (1 point not to have a broken leg).

A Potential Bloodline
Status: Technically Playable
Description: You get a supply of Potential, shared with your entire bloodline, and are sent to another world. You can use Potential to buy powers; How and What you can spend it on are important choices.

Status: Idea
Description: You get a Gamer-esque power, which improves as you do significant things.

Avatar of the Mental Plane
Status: Idea
Description: You become avatar of the mental plane, to which all minds visit when dreaming and remain within after death. The world will soon recognize the existence of this plane. You choose your relative advantages, and how lesser beings may make use of it.

Status: Idea
Description: You get a bunch of very specific points, like ‘Minor Resilience’ points, based on an archetype chosen at the start. You apply them to body parts to add modifiers, so your skin has the ability to shapeshift and can endlessly grow.

Status: Technically Playable
Description: A Meta CYOA that applies straightforward benefits.

By a Thread
Status: Technically Playable
Description: You were wounded by a cosmic weapon. You can play around with your lifeforce, mental energy, and spiritual energy in useful ways. Choices involve which resources you have access to and what you can do with them.

Dungeon Seed
Status: Planning
Description: You get the power to create dungeons. Once they are created, you have little control over them. You must balance Usefulness/Danger and Availability/Rampancy.

Feudal Feuding
Status: Planning
Description: You are put in the position of a noble in a feudal world. It looks very mundane, but steadily reveals options for more blatantly supernatural stuff. Depending on your choices, you could live in a high-fantasy deathworld or a dull middle ages. Multiple victory conditions.

Free Respec
Status: Idea
Description: You get to respec. Swap around physical capability, flaws, skills, talents, in exchange for each other and for supernatural benefits. You can potentially far surpass your original self, given some time to reclaim what you sacrifice.

Status: Idea
Description: All points come from permanent compulsions. You might sacrifice the ability to masturbate, get a point, and spend it on porn physics.

Hero’s Cycle
Status: Coding/Writing
Description: You get a number of ‘bad’, ‘mixed’, and ‘good’ points to spend on various stats/options, then go through a trial. Involves some dice-rolling or test of stats, probably. Depending on the result, you get different amounts of each point type for the next go-through. Challenges should scale with the player. Ends, positively or negatively, when any stat maxes out.

Imperial Mandate
Status: Planning
Description: You get to start a new kingdom in another world. Choose your populace (isekaied college students, dwarves, etc.), nature of world, supplies and technological knowledge, benefits of your presence on the kingdom, some personal-scale benefits, and what kind of phlebotinum exists in the world to be exploited.

Statistical Advantage
Status: Idea
Description: You reincarnate, and get benefits in your life based on what you did in this one. Each benefit (physical durability, vitality) has two sources (poison consumed vs diseases suffered) and you need to pick one. Can inefficiently sacrifice sources to buff other sources. Lets you determine the nature of the world you reincarnate into.

Tree of Spite
Phase 1 Status: Technically Playable (https://pastebin.com/ByY8fu7u)
Phase 2 Status: Technically Playable (https://pastebin.com/izmqBtWk)
Phase 3 Status: Planning
Phase 4 Status: Planning
Phase 5 Status: Idea
Description: A CYOA broken up into ~5 smaller parts. Each part gives you the choice to move on to the next part, but it should never be mandatory. For the sake of making that an actual choice, continuing is intended to be decreasingly appealing with each phase.

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